Here are examples of client work we have constructed for viewing purposes . Our development, design and marketing work has helped our clients grow to meet their goals.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management

Design & Layout

  • Website Design
  • Website Development


  • Platform Development
  • Operating System Development


  • Design & Functionality
  • Manufacturing & Production


  • Adam Rasem
    “Presently and in the past, we have partnered on almost every project. Initially we worked together on JAVA and SWIFT mobile development but as we built a stronger relationship, we shared a wide range of services. AmSmart have a lot to offer and they motivate and give momentum to any project. Much love and respect for your passion guys.”
    Adam Rasem
    Founder of Android 4 Canada
  • K.N.
    “Everything was extremely organized. The project manager almost always got back to me within the hour which showed me they really care. They always made the extra effort in getting things done and looking out for my budget. Overall an extremely positive experience. Our site looks great”
    Founder and CEO of O.E.A.
  • Alireza Farkhondeh
    “After purchasing two fully operating dental practices in Ottawa, Ontario, we were introduced to amSmart as the IT company taking care of marketing and branding. We did our own research before deciding to keep their services. Safe to say, both practices are at capacity thanks to them. I have seen these guys progress a lot in the last 2 years. This project is ongoing and we are still working with amSmart.”
    Alireza Farkhondeh
    CEO of T.H.D.C.C. Professional Dentistry Corp
  • Dale Drevniok
    “John drove over 400 km from site to site across Ontario taking professional photographs and videos of our construction sites. Our company constructs bridges and government infrastructure projects. We continue to use amSmart for maintenance of our website as they have proven to over deliver. Thanks for all your hard work.”
    Dale Drevniok
    Founder of Dalcon Constructors
  •  Christian Farah
    “I’ve been a part of amSmart’s upper management and continue to be a shareholder in the company. The team at amSmart are also shareholders in CHIRP ™ APP INC. They bring a lot to the table. Our project came to life within a few months thanks to these guys. You are in very capable hands.”
    Christian Farah
    Co-founder of CHIRP ™.
  • D.N.
    “This is the only web development company I know that is fair, honest and reliable. John and his crew came to our manufacturing plant with photography equipment on day 1. I realized that they move fast and can take over at any stage of the project. It has been a wonderful experience working with them.”
    Product Manager of Engineered Foam Products.
  • Vidish Purohit
    “Working with John is awesome!! He is a great partner with excellent technical & communication skills creating a custom WooCommerce plugin. I liked working with you guys!”
    Vidish Purohit
    Founder of WooExtend. WooCommerce Extensions.
  •  Mike S.
    “I was comfortable handing over sales and business development to amSmart’s Staff. In the first meeting, every problem we stated, they had a solution. Within a few days, our site was up and within a few weeks we were at the top of the searches in Toronto. We have an office dedicated for amSmart when they are in Toronto. We have grown into a partnership and not a client basis.”
    Mike S.
    Licensed Tarion Builder. Founder and CEO of D.C.F.C.